Software development & networking

Software development

Orgone IT development team benefits from more than 20 years experience in software, web interfaces, script and management tools development. By using DevOps organization and AGILE methodology, we provide custom products for our customers.


First, we collect all meaningful information in order to prepare your project specifications. These specifications are fine tuned according to technical constraints until we get a clear roadmap.


Creation of your application starts, we define status milestones with you in order to keep you informed about your project progress.


Once the first version is ready, we deploy it in real life context for the last tests, proving its viability.

Operation and supervision

Once the application is in production, we monitor the application first steps to ensure a smooth release.

Feedback and enhancement

We collect feedbacks and remarks in order to plan the application evolution according to your activity.


Orgone IT development team is able to develop Full Stack in the following environnments :

  • Web interfaces
  • Web API
  • Client/Server applications
  • Standalone applications
  • Mobile applications for Android
  • Mobile applications for iOS
  • Specialized software



Systems / Servers

Computer networking

Orgone IT has also computer networking skills for configuration and troubleshooting.


  • Work on the complete OSI model (L2 to L7)
  • Knowledge of many protocols (ARP, DHCP, IP, ICMP, TCP/UDP, SSL, HTTP, SMTP, FTP, ...)
  • Knowledge of many equipment (Switch, Router, Firewall, Application Firewall , Load Balancer, Virtualization,...)
  • Network traces deep analysis
  • Functional network test scripts development
  • Existing network cartography
  • Advices and recommendations


Pour tout renseignement ou devis merci de nous envoyer un courriel à l'adresse suivante en précisant l'objet de votre demande : If you need more information or want to request a quote, please send us an email with your request details at the following address :

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